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Fattoria il Praticino


Via del Praticino,8 - 52026 - Castelfranco Piandioscò (AR)


​Part. IVA 01793490515


Enjoy a world made of nature, relaxation and genuine

cuisine. Away from stress ...

Our Products

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In our company we produce and sell directly the pork cured meats coming exclusively from our farm in the wild.

The ham, the Tuscan salami, the sbriciolona, which in 2012 won the prize as the best salami of Italy, the rigatino and the cheek, not to mention the frankfurters made exclusively with noble parts of the pig. All this is done strictly following the most ancient traditions of

Tuscan pork butchery.

In addition to the cured meats you can taste our homemade liquors, obtained by cold infusion of organic wild fruits and herbs. Flavors and aromas of the past that will surely conquer you.

We sell and ship throughout Europe: for information you

can contact us directly at: 33570287517 or by email: info@praticino.it